Pectoral Muscle-Sculpturing with Implants

Flat Implants with Cohesive Gel

Some patients cannot define and either increase their PECTORALS muscularly regardless of all the exercise they do.

For them, some flat, soft Silicone Gel and rectangular implants have been designed with the same texture of the muscle which once placed, look as if you have gone to the gym for two consecutive years without missing one single day.

These implants are placed through the armpit behind the major pectoralis muscle and what they do is to highlight the male virile figure.

Diagram courtesy Plástica Colombia.

A definition of the pectoral contour is commonly performed with Liposculpture VASER to have a real HIGH DEFINITION procedure.

How is the Procedure of Pectoral Sculpturing with Implants done?

The patient is sedated a little to not feel pain at all and local anesthesia is generously infiltrated in the axillary and pectoral areas. A tunnel, initially subcutaneous and then between both Pectoralis Major and Minor abdominals is done to make a sub-muscular space enough for the Flat Implant with cohesive Gel to fit.

It is closed by one flat implant at a time and a vest as well as soft pressing and steady sponges are placed.


How long will I be out of circulation?

For an administrative job it is convenient to rest three days, for a job of physical effort it is recommended to rest home the complete week, in order to drive the patient is asked to wait 8 days after the surgery.

Can it be performed along with other surgeries at the same time?

Of course it is commonly performed with the High Definition Vaser Liposculpture in order to have one same harmonic and congruent result.

Other patients perform it together with the Re-section of Gynecomastia of minimal incisions or with the Pectoral Sculpturing with Vaser – Lipolaser to give a major enhancement to the pectoral muscles.



Common result without frontal scars since they are hidden in the armpit.