Liposculpture without surgery? Myth or Reality

The liposculpture without surgery is no myth…

The liposculpture has been a much sought procedure by patients and Plastic Surgeons to improve the corporal shape performing thousands of procedures of this type daily worldwide.

This excellent procedure which promises satisfactory results does not stop having disadvantages like the recovery period, surgery and post operatory inflammation, also, the use of a compressive belt for three weeks.

There has recently emerged a Leading Technology called Ultrasound Cavitation for the corporal contour and the way it works is what this description is about.

Through ultrasound, the radiofrequency and infrared light get sound waves into the depth of the greasy tissue allowing in this way that the multiple cellular membranes break the adipocytes or Grease Cells by letting the grease out in an emulsion which is taken to the intestine and kidney through the lymphatic circulation for its excretion. In this way it accomplishes the decrease of the grease volume turning it into lower sizes, less love handles and a decrease in the appearance of the cellulites being this effect the sum in each session and so remedy the liposculpture of small or moderate volumes.

The procedure is painless, it is done by well-trained therapists and each session lasts around half an hour. The patients talk about a notable improvement from the first session.

Do not take long and make an appointment for this excellent treatment. TRIACTIVE LYPOCONTOUR.