cdermaliftRejuvenation (Lifting Facial)

Short incisions + Vaser + Restore CO2 Fractional Laser (Laser Therapy)

Our juvenile spirit and physical strength which we will mention as interior youth is not reflected by our tired face. We observe spare skin in our eyelids and especially in the inferior ones with the presence of the undesirable bags, we have wrinkles around the eyes (crow’s feet) which we did not use to have, our cheeks have descended, flattening the cheekbones and we have spare skin in the double chin and neck, and in some cases we can observe that our skin is like an accordion at the sides of our neck and in the angle or our chin if we turn our face aside. So you find yourself saying – I feel younger than that – I have to do something.

We have the solution, the Cdermalift, a modern and barely aggressive method which rejuvenates your face with minimum incisions that go from the lobe of the ear to the side locks, hidden by the tragus and the side locks themselves in order to not let show. The dissection under the skin is not done by a scalpel nor by the scissors but with the Sound Technology (Internal Vaser Ultrasound) with a unique precision as well as respecting all the blood vessels and nerves giving us a mayor security and as a complement, tensing and compacting the skin where it passes through in a significant way. A lifting of cheeks, cheekbones, double chin and rejuvenation of the eyebrows and eyes is performed with sedation (with the care of an expert anesthesiologist) and in a time inferior to three hours, it is an ambulatory procedure and of very quick recovery since it takes around 7 days to have a result very likely to the definite one.

After the surgical phase we give a complete cutaneous surface restoration with the RESTORE CO2 Fractional Laser to have a smoother, more compact surface and more homogenous in color, in a few words a restoration of your FACE and NECK is performed from the DEEPNESS to the Surface.

Rejuvenate your face naturally and be the youngest and most beautiful of your group. It is important to emphasize that in Cderma we rejuvenate your face naturally and we do not change your facial expression, you will only be yourself 10 years younger or more.

This procedure is also applied to gentlemen. It is necessary to perform certain technical modifications to the procedure to have a natural and virile result and that the scar be unnoticed by others.

Any option you choose is an excellent option, from the calmest to the surgical options of very quick recovery.

Cderma is always innovating techniques and adding technologies with classic techniques to offer a better result and therefore a better service.

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