Wrinkle filling

The facial rejuvenating process is presented in mainly 4 conditions:

  • Wrinkles (Rhytidosis) due to the decrease of the elasticity of the skin.
  • Dropping tissues (Ptosis) due to the effect of gravity and a decrease of the supporting connective tissue strength.
  • Loss of thickness of skin and soft tissues.
  • To improve the hydration and glow of skin.

Therefore an important contribution to facial rejuvenation is to fill those grooves, atrophic areas of the eye bags, flat cheekbones, flat lips and wrinkles in different areas of our face.

In CDERMA we only use safe materials and of slow absorption and NEVER plastic nor polymerized materials. The most used materials are hyaluronic acid in different thicknesses and the autologous grease (from the patient himself). These techniques offer us very satisfying results, with a natural look and immediate results. Currently we add the ELLANCE to fill atrophic hands.

We treat patients daily wit dermal fillers and with totally satisfactory results.

It is important to highlight that Dr. Ursula Piñeyro is considered to be a national pioneer in the application of Botox and of dermal filler materials.

When facial rejuvenation requires prominently to fill in order to improve, it is necessary to perform a procedure which two great artists of plastic surgery have popularized, Dr. José Guerrero Santos and Dr. Sidney Coleman, which is called Lipoimplant or lipofilling. Approximately 30 cc of abdomen or hip grease is taken and it is centrifuged or it is simply washed with serum and then implanted in small pearls in the areas that required to be filled. By recovering the lost grease with the pass of time, this will give us an immediate rejuvenation and with a natural gesticulation as well as to the touch.




Restoring your Mouth:

Due to the fact that the mouth is a central area of the face it is a point we fix our look at in a face and the esthetic and maintenance of it are important to give an attractive and juvenile look.

The cigar, excessive exercising, hormonal unbalances, and abrupt loss of weight have a direct repercussion in our aged aspect and a less attractiveness in lips and perioral area.

In Cderma we have two techniques for lips and mouth with Hyaluronic Acid, always working towards looking natural, with congruence and cosmetic in the area to treat.

  • Restoration with micro drops of Lips and perioral region.
  • Beautification and Fulling of Lips.

Both techniques have different objectives but follow the same naturalness, congruence and improvement to the physical aspect.

In Cderma we have more than 15 years of experience in beautifying Lips.

Other areas to fill:

  • Temporal region
  • Cheekbones
  • Chin
  • Jaw angles
  • Nose
  • Intimate male and female areas
  • Eye bag area
  • Naso labial grooves
  • Frontal rejuvenation