Skin Cancer

Skin Cancer is increasing day by day regardless the wide publicity and information about the benefits of solar protection and about the harm it produces an excessive solar exposition, tanning beds or cabins which are nowadays in fashion. Skin cancer usually appears in exposed areas and there can be three types, mainly the squamous cell cancer, basal cell cancer and the feared Melanoma.

In practically all the cases, with the exception of a few, the problem is solved by removing the lesion with wide margins which are then studied in the same moment through an Inter-operative Biopsy (ITB) and revised by a well-known Dermatopathologist, Dr. Nora Méndez, to make the patient feel tranquil in the same surgical event.

After the dermatologic Surgeon (Dr. Ursula Piñeyro) removes the lesion, the Plastic Surgeon reconstructs the area with local flaps performing an obsessive and artistic reconstructive job so the patient does not leave with any visible mark after recovery and can continue with a normal life without problems.

The sooner the lesion is detected the greater the possibilities for success and healing with this system. Therefore, it is very important that any mole or pigmented lesion which changes of color, whose borders are not regular anymore, which forms crust again and again, which swollen or itches be detected on time by professionals from the Dermatology and Plastic Surgery Center.

If you have any lesion or suspicious mole do not hesitate to make an appointment with us.