Mesotherapy for baldness

Male baldness affects around 60% of adult men and multiple physicians and surgeons have been sought to detect it and improve it in the best of the cases.

The treatment goes from circulation stimulants, local hormonal blockers, anti-dandruff shampoos, magic and secret formulas, the hair micro graft, flaps, expanders and even wigs.

During the last years Finasteride oral administration of 1 mg per day has been considered as the angular medical treatment to stop the loss of hair in men. This treatment is not exempt of side effects, especially two which mainly cause concern. 1) The decrease of the Libido (sexual urge) and 2) the secondary hypogonadism due to the severe diminish of DHT and Testosterone. Some more studies need to be made in order to be categoric in these side effects, but the shared experience by different physicians tell us the percentage of patients with a decrease of the libido who are using Finasteride orally is higher than what has been published. Currently we cannot avoid using Finasteride, on the contrary decrease the doses significantly but increase the benefic effects of not losing hair; and this has been achieved with the Finasteride at 0.25% in capillary Mesotherapy. With the experience based on the clinical and photographic observation of our patients we can claim that the one month intradermic treatment with Finasteride summarizes the oral treatment of approximately a year. Currently the mesotherapy for baldness is our pillar as treatment against hair loss in a 90% of the cases.