Eyelid Rejuvenation



With the pass of the years our gaze is not the same anymore, our eyes will be the mirror of time. It starts with pre-orbital wrinkles (crow’s feet), then we will see spare skin in our superior eyelid and bags in our inferior eyelid, and the eyebrow turns flat and fallen; as it is said, we are getting on in years.

Why choose Laser in our Blepharoplasty?

Since the Laser produces precise cuts and cuts at the same time, the possibility to present hematomas or swelling decreases in a very significant way, and the use of Restore Fractional Laser makes the cutaneous surface to compact and to erase those wrinkles around the eyes, getting a juvenile gaze in 3D in comparison with the limited improvement we could obtain with the classic Blepharoplasty.

Nowadays there is a simple procedure, with topic (cream) and local anesthesia, of a very fast recovery which solves your problem and which is named Blepharoplasty Laser. Previous to the procedure and after the photographs an anesthetic cream is applied in the eyelids’ skin so not to feel the application of the local anesthetic. Afterwards, with Laser, the cut is performed and also the extraction of the bags, the use of this technology is with the objective of not allowing the patients to swollen in the post-surgery phase. Once the procedure with the upper eyelid is done we proceed with the inferior one, which is usually operated from the inside (trans-conjunctival) in order to not leave marks in the outside. If the skin is lax, it is compacted with laser technology. In some cases it is necessary to readjust the grease extracted in the blepharoplasty, in the eye bags or atrophic areas which mark our age and so we rejuvenate with your own tissue without the possibility of rejection and with a naturalness that impacts. If necessary we will also readjust the eyebrow in a higher position as described in the section of eyebrow lifting.

In this way we will see our gaze rejuvenated in an integrated way with the eyebrow lifting, the removal of the excesses of the eyelids and the filling of the atrophic areas, and all in the same trip.

There is an innovative second option which is the Blepharoplasty RESTORE Fractional Laser which consists in three separate sections, one per month, of the Fractional Laser of the surface where we will compact that flaccid skin of the eyes without performing any single cut, compacting and erasing the cutaneous imperfections around the eyelids and in them, recovering the juvenile gaze without having to go through surgery.

Live the experience of Blepharoplasty Laser and obtain a true tridimensional rejuvenation and advance to the future of the Modern Cosmetic Restauration.

We are waiting for you in CDERMA.