Double chin correction

When we surpass the 30 years of age we start accumulating grease in the submental region (double chin), in the angle of the jaw and then it seems that our face is wider. This is also accompanied by laxity and then we worry because our age starts to show and it is the time people say “you are fleshing out”.

There are diverse methods to correct the double chin. From the simplest and most common one which is to perform the double chin Liposuction with an only and tiny incision behind the chin where the grease is extracted with micro cannulas. The procedure is done with local anesthesia and is painless. A second option when there is more laxity is to perform a double chin Liposuction and a placement of fixed barbed tensors to the mastoid. The liposuction is done as previously mentioned, then we place the barbed tensors from the middle line of the double chin to the mastoid (bone behind the ears) where they are set through a half-centimeter incision. We will then have removed the excess grease as well as tightened the skin with tensors to remove the laxity. There are extreme laxity cases where it will be necessary to remove the spare skin (double chin lifting) and this will be done with incisions behind the ears and hidden in the retro auricular groove.

As you can see there are multiple methods depending on each case, and therefore it is important to have a previous evaluation. In the cases in which there was laxity before surgery, it is always recommended for our patients to continue with bipolar radiofrequency therapy in order to compact and tighten the skin and so to make the outcome last for many years.