Breast: Augmentation, Reduction and Replacing

The breast is a sign of femininity, fact we can prove by observing the sculptures and paintings of our ancestors.

To have a beautiful and well-proportioned breast highlights the figure of all women and therefore there are multiple tricks to lift it, make it bigger or simple improve its shape, fulfilling most of the time its objective but at costs of a natural look. For those cases, augmentation mammoplasty with implants is already a reality.

To increase the breast we count with mammal implants which are basically two components: silicone and saline solution.

¿How is it done?

The access area for the mammal augmentation can be through the areola, through the mammal groove or the armpit. The location of this implant can be immediately behind the gland or better behind the pectoral muscle, depending on each particular case.

There are multiple forms, textures and sizes; the decision of which implant to use will be taken in agreement with the physician and the patient in a pre-operatory consultation. This choice is suggested by the physician taking into account the height of the patient, the width of the hips, form of the thorax and back and above all it is important to take into consideration the expectations from the patient.

¿How will my recovery be like?

It is necessary to use a bandage for 48 hours. Then you will wear an exercise top for three weeks.

The breast will swollen for a period of 7 days, time in which it will give the impression of being bigger than the expected results.

The desired form and the sensation of a natural look will take approximately from 4 to 6 weeks.

Interesting changes:

The change is not only produced in the outside, which is very satisfactory, but also in the corporal auto image (mental image of oneself) giving the confidence and a change in attitude so favorable that it could be said to be the primordial objective.










Some people have their breast too big which disharmonizes with their figure. On the other hand, to carry all that extra weight can cause back pain, a poor performance in sports and low self-esteem, since there is no garment that looks nice.

Nowadays, there is a very effective procedure to reduce the breast. The scar can be in some cases only a vertical scar beneath the nipple or a scar around the areola called per areolar.

In other cases where the reduction will be very big and necessary to perform an anchor scar, it is very important to emphasize that the care of the scar after the surgery is mandatory for us. Some scarring creams can be used and then scar erasers which include Laser, intense Light, patches or silicone gel, intralesional triamcinolone if necessary, etc.…

Dr. Hernán Reyes has published a personal technique called Segmentary Mammoplasty of Self filling (Mammoplasty in Orange slice) where part of the patient’s tissue is used to fill without the necessity of using a mammal implant and only leaving a vertical scar.