It is the work of a true artist to sculpt the nose. The nose as a more central and more outstanding facial structure, takes a great importance in the esthetics and harmony of our face. The nose gives us or takes from us personality, marks the ethnic group we come from, makes our countenance finer or thicker depending on the thickness of itself.

Therefore, it is a great commitment as a surgeon to get a perfect nose as a result. In the nose surgery the most important thing is a natural look and that the characteristics of the nose after surgery assembly with the patient’s facial characteristics in order not to suffer from a template nose that for some colleagues is the daily practice.

In Cderma we make our effort so every single of our patients be totally satisfied with our nasal sculpture options.

The nasal sculpture goes from the application of injectable fillers to mold without the need of surgery, the colocation of botulinum toxin to elevate the tip of the nose, up to surgical sculpture of the dorsum, tip and nasal base.

The acute recovery from surgery takes more or less 7 days, going back to work after 5 days of the procedure and being able to go back to exercise in approximately three weeks.