Ear Surgery

There are a few physical conditions that hurt a person’s self-esteem as much as prominent ears do. A condition that is prone to cruel jokes during childhood and adolescence creating in the affected person an unjustified shyness.

In Cderma one of our main objectives is to restore the self-esteem through treatments and procedures which at simple sight are addressed to satisfy one’s vanity, only the person who suffers this or any other similar condition perfectly understands the reason of them.

In Cderma a procedure that we are passionate about is the plasty of prominent ears, it is so that we have designed a procedure which differs from the classic technique; this does not leave scars and it is called “Percutaneous Otoplasty” since it is performed in the doctor’s office and with local anesthesia just as going to the dentist. The advantages of this procedure are a very quick recovery and a minimum pain, as well as not requiring to remove stitches.

Live the experience of having the ears you have always dreamed of in only 30 minutes.