Gluteal augmentation

An icon of beauty is to have prominent, round buttocks with a good muscular tone and which enhance our contour in a harmonic form; women with bigger roundness and men with straighter lines.

This dream of having buttocks to show off is a reality. To this end we have different options according to the case.


  1. Perform liposculpture of the area (back, lateral and inferior portion of the buttock), reserve a moderate quantity of this grease and implant it in different layers in each buttock.
  2. Perform the same procedure but adding the application of some triangularly shaped threads to lift and project more that buttock.
  3. The third option is to place special implants to the gluteal area when we do not have grease to implant.
  4. In same rare cases where there is an important gluteal atrophy, and the buttocks are very drooped and some folds are formed, it is important to perform a torsoplasty (similar to the lipectomy of abdomen but in the back) to lift and remove those annoying folds.

We will have an excellent result no matter what option is decided in the interview with the surgeon.