Hair micro graft

90% of the cases of hair loss is due to androgenetic alopecia, which origin is both inherited and hormonal.

Therefore, we start with a hormonal treatment to block the effect of the Dihydrotestosterone hormone which is in charge of making the hair fall. The treatment consists in restoring health to the scalp with hormonal blockers and stimulants, as well as the increase of testosterone in the scalp skin which is very important for the life of the hair.

Once having stopped the hair loss and auto restoring it with the used treatments, the second step is started: the micro transplantation of hair.

With sedation and without pain, a section of the scalp in the occipital region is taken, this is divided in follicular unities and are installed in the front parietal region to solve the baldness, obtaining a final and spectacular result from 6 to 9 months after surgery.

In some cases it is necessary to have new sessions to create a greater density and hence have the complete satisfaction from the patient.