The PERMANENT solution for excessive AXILLARY Sweating

The Axillary hyperhidrosis had found its temporary solution with the Botulinum Toxin (Botox or Dysport) from 10 to 16 months and it is still and excellent, non-invasive and tested option to treat or palliate the annoying excessive sweating at least for a while.

Currently new techniques have been developed based on previously used Technologies for other objectives such as Microwaves, which are reported to be painful and multiple sessions are required to achieve the goal. Even more recently, the use of the combination of the simultaneous Bipolar Radiofrequency with Monopolar Radiofrequency in the same session has been published; both techniques have reported encouraging findings at a long term; however, much more sessions are needed to achieve a temporary decrease of sweating.

The DuoDry is an alternative; a safe, effective and painless technique which mixes the Monopolar Radiofrequency and the Optical Fiber Laser of Nd:YAG with optical fiber in an ambulatory and minimally invasive procedure in which only one session, and in a 20% in 2 sessions, will be needed to get rid in a permanent way the annoying Axillary Hyperhidrosis.

When the optic fiber of Nd:YAG 1064 is introduced under the axillary skin, it selectively destroys the sweat glands and it is helped with the Monopolar RF to destroy the remaining hyperactive glands.


  1. Marking: Before the procedure Isodine or Iodine is applied in the patient’s armpits and afterwards ironing or ground starch is applied to delimit the zone with excessive sweating, since it takes a different coloring and allows us to recognize it. It is then marked.2
  2. Anesthesia: Cream anesthesia is applied for 20 minutes to numb the area. Then a very effective mixture of anesthetics and saline solution is applied by a 2 mm incision.
  3. Removal: The Nd:YAG Laser 1064 is passed under the skin, from 15 to 20 minutes per armpit. The Monopolar Radiofrequency is applied for 3 minutes in each armpit. And all the destroyed glands are vacuumed with a special liposuction cannula.

    Many physicians and patients are choosing DuoDry as their first election to treat the Excessive Axillary Sweating in a permanent way and for improving in a definite way the life quality of the Patient.

    We will be glad to assist you in Cderma and we hope you can be one more of the ones who have been benefited with this technique.

Hiperhidrosis Axilar con Nd:YAG 1064 (DuoDry)

La hiperhidrosis axilar habia encontrado su solucion temporal con la Toxina Botulinica  (Botox  o Dysport) de 10 a 16 meses y aun sigue siendo una excelente, no invasive y probada opcion para tratar o paliar por lo menos un tiempo la molesta sudoracion excesiva.

Actualmente se han desarrollado tecnicas nuevas basadas en  Tecnologias anteriormente usadas para otros fines tal como serian las Microondas las cuales son reportadas como dolorosas y se requieren multiples sesiones  para lograr el cometido . Aun mas recientemente se publico el uso en combinacion de la Radiofrecuencia Bipolar con Radiofrecuencia Monopolar simultanea en la misma sesion ambas tecnicas han reportados resultados alentadores a largo plazo mas son necesarias muchas sesiones para lograr una disminucion temporal de la sudoracion.

El DuoDry  es una alternativa una tecnica segura, efectiva e indolora  queusa la mezcla de Radiofrecuancia Monopolar y Laser de Fibra Optica de Nd:YAG con fibra optica en un procedimiento minimamente invasiva y ambulatorio que con una sola sesion  y en un 20% dos 2 sesiones seran necesarias librarnos en forma permanente  de  la molesta Hiperhidrosis Axilar .

Cuando la fibra optica del Nd:YAG 1064 se introduce bajo la piel axilar destruye selectivamente las glandulas sudoriparas  y es ayudado con la RF Monopolar para destruir las glandulas hiperactivas restantes.

Se realiza primeramente una prueba de almidon para demarcar los limites a trabajar, posteriormente se lava el almidon y se aplica gel anestesico topico por 20 a 30 minutos y se infiltra solucion de Klein con Xilocaina, Naropin, Solucion fisiologica y 1/3 de adrenalina.

Una vez anestesiada el area se introduce la fibra optica por una pequena puntura y se hace el barrido con Laser  en toda la axila  y posteriormente con la punta larga de Radiofrecuencia Monopolar quirurgica, y al final con una legra dermatologica se retira o se barrel as glandula y detritus posterior al procedimiento quirurgico. Se colocan apositos y una braceras y se da por terminado el procedimiento.


Esta tecnica se realiza con este Laser de Nd:YAG 1064 de fibra optica