In the last 5 to 7 years the genital esthetics is taking great importance as well as the feminine sexual enjoyment as much as in men, or even more; where traditionally it has been the center of attention of physician researchers for decades to enlarge the penis and to extent the male erection efficiently, in short, to improve the male’s self-esteem and to increase his pleasure; it was now time for women to have professional and of high specialty assistance.

To increase or recover the feminine self-esteem regarding their intimate area refers to the improvement in two basic aspects:

  • Improvement in the esthetic aspect

or stylizing of the labia majora and labia minora (Labioplasty), decreasing of the clitoral prepuce, Liposculpture of the Pubis, Mons Pubis and Thighs, Resurfacing and chemical Genital whitening or with CO2 Fractional Laser.


  • Tightness or Vaginal tensing to improve friction

and therefore major sexual satisfaction. Either by intensifying the G spot with Hyaluronic acid or by narrowing the vaginal walls with Laser (CO2 or Erbium:YAG) or by filling with Hyaluronic acid or grease the introitus as well as narrowing the posterior vaginal wall with surgery as well as removing the spare tissues of it.

There are procedures with Local Anesthesia, or with Sedation or in some cases an epidural blocking will be required to sleep the patient from the waist down. All these procedures are practically performed in an ambulatory manner, this means the patient can leave the place walking a few hours after the Surgery.

It is very important in Cderma to be a specialized clinic in Dermatology and Plastic Surgery independent from the hospitals with the best intention of offering a major DISCRETION for you, but with all the infrastructure and security needed for your tranquility, as opposite to many other specialists who treat the intimate female area.

Now we will describe in a brief way each of the procedures either to beautify the intimate female area as well as to intensify its pleasure:



    • Labioplasty: This procedure is performed to harmonize and/or rejuvenate the Labia majora and minora. Sometimes the labia minora are very large and protrude a lot from the labia majora and it is when the patient would like to have shorter and more esthetic labia minora; then a moderate cutting is performed to make them shorter and it can be done with LASER or with HIGH RADIOFREQUENCY.
    • Beautification of the Labia Majora

    It refers that it is very common for women over 40 or even younger to have their Labia minora atrophied or flat as well as to have laxity in the skin that wraps them; so then what is mainly done is to fill them with the patient’s own grease or with Hyaluronic acid of high density to give them a juvenile and fresher appearance, in case there is spare skin, it is removed to achieve the same purpose. In the cases in which the skin looks saggy and old, a subcutaneous Revitacare bath is added as well as CO2 Fractional Laser to tighten the skin and so along with the filler to recover an external youth and harmony.

    The Labioplasty could be done with topic anesthesia (anesthetic creams) and local anesthesia or even sedation if the patient prefers so.

    When we accompany the Labioplasty with Vaginoplasty it is preferably recommended to use Sedation or Epidural Block.

    • Reduction of the Clitoral Prepuce:

    What does it consist of?

    This anomaly consists in an external enlargement of the clitoris or the clitoral prepuce (skin that covers it), which protrudes like a mini penis, producing both psychic and physical pain, such as an exaggerated hypersensitivity which can sometimes be uncomfortable or even to feel pain during intercourse.

    It is generally accompanied by a hypertrophy or enlargement of the labia minora and the surgery is usually combined with a labioplasty. The intervention to reduce the hypertrophy of the clitoris consists in eliminating the spare tissue and of elevating the clitoris to its position if it is below it correct place, always avoiding the excessive exposition which would lead to pain and disgusting sensations.

    The post operatory and recovery is similar to that of the reduction of the labia minora.

    It can be done with local anesthesia or sedation.

    • Whitening and Resurfacing (skin tightening) of the Genital area.

    This technique refers to the use of the CO2 Fractional Laser or fractional Erbium:YAG, Nd:YAG Q-Switch or also to the use of phenols (chemicals). These three technologies perform a lowering of color in the pigmented areas such as labia majora, inguinal skin and gluteal folds. Apart from improving a lot the cutaneous texture of those zones to rejuvenate that skin. Sometimes more than one session will be necessary and it is commonly performed with topic anesthesia (anesthetic cream) so the area becomes numb which is intensified with plastic for half an hour and then the elected technique is put into practice. The procedure lasts from 10 to 20 minutes maximum.

    Afterwards some refreshing creams and for a quick scarring are given and once the redness has gone, you are given magistral creams that help with the whitening.

    • Liposculpture of the Pubis, Mons Pubis and Thighs:

    When there are adiposities in the labia majora, pubis and mons pubis or the internal part of the thighs, which do not harmonize with the area or the sexy underwear it does not look well or the jeans look bulky in those area which make you feel uncomfortable; for this there is liposuction of the intimate area with very good results and a very quick recovery. It can be performed alone or along with another technique of labioplasty. Whitening or even vaginal tightening.

    Epidural anesthesia or sedation is usually required. The liposculpture could be performed with the Tumescent Technique and if we require a major compaction of skin, we will use also the SMART LIPO LASER Nd:YAG to give a high definition in certain zones too.



    • Intensification of the G Spot:

    The G Spot is a delimited area a few centimeters from the introitus in the anterior wall of the vagina which when it is stimulated produces orgasms of different intensity from the stimulus to the clitoris. With this technique what is done is to identify the G Spot, measure the distance with a plastic ruler and with the help of a vaginal valve or mirror the spot is marked with ink and cream topic anesthesia is applied with a small dressing and it is left there for fifteen minutes, then a small quantity of local anesthesia is infiltrated; immediately after this, 2 to 3 cc of high density Hyaluronic acid is infiltrated so the G spot be raised and much more sensitive to the touch. The effect of the hyaluronic acid can last up to 1 year and a half approximately.


Painless injection of 2 to 3 cc of hyaluronic acid to form a prominence in the G Spot of up to 1 and a half years of duration, intensifying then women’s pleasure in their intimate relationships.

  • Tightening of the Introitus with Hyaluronic acid:

It is common to perform along with the intensification of the G Spot, a tightening of the vaginal introitus by injecting all its walls with around 4 to 5 cm of high density hyaluronic acid and so allow to enjoy of a greater pleasure in the intimate relationships as much for her as for him by increasing the walls friction.

It is commonly performed with topic anesthesia in cream which numbs the area significantly and the local anesthesia is practically not felt in order to be able to apply the Hyaluronic acid in gel without any pain.

  • Internal Vaginal Rejuvenation (tensing) with Laser:

It is an ambulatory and painless medic procedure, which uses the exclusive effect of the Fractional Laser light with CO2 or Nd:YAG for the contraction and tensing of the vaginal channel, and so create a decrease in its diameter.

The new fractional Nd:YAG laser technology or CO2 fractional improves the sexual life’s quality by means of the tensing effect in the vaginal walls and the creation of new collagen to reinforce and improve the support and incontinence problems as well as to have a more secretory, thicker mucus, in short a younger one.

  • Why have this procedure and when?

With the pass of the years a loss in the concentration of collagen and elastin of the skin is produced as well as a decrease of the estrogen hormonal levels, this contributes to the increase of the diameter and loss of vaginal tension and pain when it comes to intimacy, it is called dyspareunia; which eventually ends with the desire to continue having sexual activity and thus making pushing your partner away. By thickening this vaginal mucus with laser treatment, you gain elasticity and the vaginal channel compacts and also makes the mucus secretion or natural lubricant to improve thus reactivating the desire of intimacy and also increases the mutual pleasure.

On the other hand, labor also leads to a loss in the optimal structure of the vagina, since the passage of the baby through the vaginal channel, stretches, enlarges and tears many fibers which produce their relaxation, medically this is called Incontinence Grade I.

This technique allows to contract the collagen and elastic fibers as the diagram shows and it literally produces a vaginal rejuvenation just as the laser itself would do it with another hand piece by removing wrinkles and thickening the skin to make it younger; a technique that has more than 10 years in Cosmetic Dermatology.


The 360 degrees Laser is gradually introduced and the laser is discharged in all the walls in the form of rings and the Laser goes In and Out initially narrowing and in the posterior weeks healing the tissues.


The fractional technique refers to the multiple entrance of spots of the laser’s entrance at a certain depth leaving the tissue healed in one side allowing with this an excellent result and with a much quicker healing than if the laser had passed evenly…

  • Narrowing the introitus and vaginal walls with fillers.

If what you are looking for is to increment pleasure in your intimate relationships and a very quick recovery, you can have the vaginal tensing with laser and also narrow the introitus by filling with Hyaluronic Acid or grease auto implant (from the own patient) or in the vaginal walls to produce a narrowing by volume and so make those nights more pleasurable.

  • Closure of the vaginal wall (Colporrhaphy)

This surgeries are commonly performed by Physicians Specialized in Gynecology. It is about closing the muscular walls of the vagina when the multiple labors have relaxed its tissues a lot so as to make it impossible to feel enjoyment or to even have health problems such as urinary incontinence or even practically have the bladder, rectum or uterus out through the vagina in very severe cases.

It is common to perform combined surgeries where a Labioplasty along with a Laser Vaginal tensing can be done or simply intensify the G Spot with Hyaluronic acid as well as the filling of the Introitus walls and accompanied by a laser whitening of the intimate zone. In short, you can see we count with many possibilities to Beautify or Rejuvenate the most intimate area.