Pectoral Sculpturing

Pectoral High Definition Sculpturing with Vaser and Lipolaser.

Taking into account the new challenges about high expectations in relation to results and a quick recovery response, the physicians in CDERMA we got down to work to create a surgical procedure by combining 2 stupendous, noble and efficient High techs to offer a real sculpture in the pectoral area:

  • VASER – Liposculpture assisted by ULTRASOUND
  • Laser Lipolysis – Liposculpture assisted by Laser Nd:YAG 1064

Both techniques allow being nobler with the tissues melting those greasy deposits and glandular excesses letting us have less traumatism in the tissues as a difference with the classic Liposuction since both techniques are liposelective, this is that it only affects the grease and respects the rest of the tissues like blood vessels, ligaments, muscles, etc. Apart from performing an excellent retraction of the skin to prevent from having loose tissues after the Surgery. And here is where the HIGH DEFINITION appears since it allows us to mark grooves and shades of the pectoral area with a better sharpness just as if we were drawing it.

On the other hand, the nobility with which the tissues are treated make the recovery much faster (50% faster) and the results be more attractive in a record time of 2 to 3 weeks maximum.

It is common to use part of the grease to lift the pectoral contour as if you had done a lot of exercise since the grease is put inside the muscle and then it suffers a transformation in muscle itself once you start with your physical activity.

How is High Definition Sculpting with VASER and LIPOLASER done?

Before passing the patient into the Operating room, lines and shadows are drawn as a guide or map to perform the actual surgical sculpturing of the pectoral area to define; we should remember that we all have anatomic changes which are very personal and we should respect these individualities in order to have a NATURAL and assignable result.

By means of local anesthesia plus sedation, a tumescent solution is infiltrated in order to not have any pain during or after the procedure.

We then proceed to MELT the GREASE with the VASER, if it is necessary we reduce the Gland with the VASER itself to make its re-section by a minimal incision. Next, we introduce the cannula of the LIPOLASER and start to tighten the skin even more and to go along the grooves and mark the ones we need to define. All is done through incisions from 2 mm to 1 cm which are practically imperceptible in a month.

We finish by removing the liquefied grease and put a comfortable but steady compression vest.

All this procedure takes in average one hour and a half.