Say good-bye to Gynecomastia

Show off solid and manly pectorals through a medical-artistic procedure.

Without scars

If you suffer from Gynecomastia (augmentation of the size of male breast) do not worry and look around and observe that 60% of men in our environment and above 30 years old have a certain degree of Gynecomastia. In our clinic we attend this problem in an integral way where in some cases it is necessary to ask for hormonal tests related to Prolactin, Testosterone and Estrogens and in other cases the small button behind the areola is simply removed with very small incisions and in other we combine this procedure with a wide liposculpture of the zone.

In our clinic we worry a lot for the gynecomastia be totally removed and without scars. This procedure is of the most artistic ones in our practice since it combines all: A good diagnosis, an impeccable procedure, the use of liposculpture at a distance, the work of the axillary region and the use of laser and radiofrequency to compact the skin so it ends finely adhered to the area without laxity.

As you can see, we worry for your problem and guarantee you an excellent result. Come and prove it.