Russian Tensing Threads

When we look at the mirror or see us in photographs and realize we are not who we used to be a few years ago, our age becomes noticeable. We observe that the jaw line is not just another line but a roughly interrupted path through the leading down of our heavy cheek, the double chin is soft and it starts to feel saggy, the naso labial grooves are more intensely marked (from the nose to the commissures) and the cheek bone flattens and loses its juvenile roundness. Then you become a candidate for the placement of barbed tensing threads.

The special characteristic of these threads is that they have tiny legs which go in opposite directions and that when placing them in the tissue we wish to tense or stretch they act as VELCRO and keeps molding or stretching, depending on the case, from 4 to 8 years.

There are multiple models and thicknesses in the market for these threads. In Cderma we use in one patient different types of threads to have a better result and to make it last.

In Cderma we have more than 13 years placing those threads with excellent results and one of the innovations is to use the absorbable barbed threads, which absorb without leaving marks, but what its tension effect does is the internal scar it leaves behind. With these absorbable threads you do not have to worry about what will happen if you decide afterwards to perform a mini-lift with the installed threads. Nowadays other thicker and larger non-absorbable Polypropylene master threads are placed, which support a lot of kilos of weight and therefore a lot more tension, and this results in a longer duration of the effect up to 8 years.

It is procedure with local anesthesia that takes around 45 minutes to place them and because there is a very strong anesthetic cream applied half an hour before, the pain will be minimum. Recovery takes around 24 to 36 hours, time enough to reduce the inflammation of the treated area, slight bruises might appear.

The placement of Russian or barbed Threads are not for everyone because if there were an extreme thinness of the skin and/or an exaggerated laxity or spare skin the best will be to perform a ritidoplasty or Face-lifting.