Lipolysis Laser with LIPO SMART

The lipolysis laser as known nowadays is not anything else but the assisted liposculpture with laser, this was developed because both surgeons and patients were in search of a less traumatic and more satisfying technique.

Among the cosmetic surgery, one of the most modern procedures is the Laser Liposculpture, which is considered to be the most advanced way to model the body. From now on the hips, legs, thighs, arms and abdomen can have the desired shape after a small intervention, which with a post-surgery phase of a couple of hours, allows the patient to continue with her normal rhythm of life almost immediately, the disability is minimal and it does not require hospitalization; furthermore, the use of laser shortens the procedure with which the anesthetic risks are minimum.

The Laser Liposculpture uses techniques which are minimally invasive, and which only need local anesthesia when the area to treat is small or general if the area is vast or there are several areas.

The lipolysis laser consists in inserting the laser to the skin through a 2 or 3 mm diameter cannula, which introduces a physiological serum that contains an anesthetic, epinephrine (so the blood vessels do not bleed) and bicarbonate, used to diminish the burning sensation by infiltrating the solution. The laser dissolves the adiposities or the grease cells and transforms them in a semi-oil liquid, which is vacuumed and goes to some recipients, which makes it possible to measure the extracted volume at the end of the procedure. The laser acts at a maximum depth of three millimeters, therefore there are no risks which affect the other tissues, and it only acts at the adipose tissue level.


The lipolysis laser or laser lipolysis is a development of great dimensions in esthetic medicine, but this has to be properly applied by expert physicians in order to achieve the expected results, and it can also be used to perform high definition liposculpture, shaping the patient’s abdomen by making the abdominal muscles stand out, this is much more recommended in thin patients, although the results can be very good in all patients.

Liposculpture Laser Advantages

  • The process is ambulatory, it does not require hospitalization. The person can return to his labors within 24 to 48 hours.
  • It allows to work with local anesthesia when it is performed in specific body parts, this means that during all the intervention, the patient is conscious.
  • The laser cannula transmits thermic energy, which cauterizes the blood vessels in the process, the micro vascularization vessels close, and this prevents bleeding and hematomas. There is no need for any type of transfusion.
  • The lipolysis laser technique produces the skin to contract due to the effect of the heat from the ray, which prevents the skin to become flaccid.
  • With this technique it is possible to perform the so called high definition liposculpture or abdominal marking.
  • The scar left is minimal (3 to 4 mm) and it disappears in a short time.
  • With the new technique you say good-bye to the post-surgery pains and to the bruises left with the traditional liposuction, which is a more aggressive technique for the body, with an important blood vessels rupture since the grease is eliminated through a “removal of the cells”.
  • A melting of the localized grease is produced with the liposculpture laser, from which 80% is vacuumed at the end of the procedure, while the 20% left metabolizes.
  • Since this is a fast procedure, the patient can be able to stand up and walk on the day after the Lipolysis, which helps to recover the normal life rhythm practically before 48 hours. If there were any discomfort, this would be minor and would not impede to return to daily activities. It is recommended to walk immediately after since the organism eliminates all retained fluids during the procedure. The only restriction are the high impact exercises.

    Liposculpture can be used in the abdomen, arms, legs, double chin and armpits. However, “it does not work to lose weight, but to reduce sizes and to shape”. The results of the lipolysis laser are immediately observed, but like in all esthetic process, “these are better as the weeks pass by”. People from 18 years old and over can go through this lipolysis laser process, and women after six months of having given birth can also seek for surgeons’ help to perform this technique, but of course “you need to perform the needed clinical test first: a complete hemogram, coagulation tests, uranalysis, etc.”.

Post laser care

After going through lipolysis laser, the patient should take from 2 to 3 massage sessions per week for as long as 4 to 6 weeks. “The purpose of the massage is to dissolve the remaining grease left in latent state, and at the same time perform a total lymphatic drainage, at the same time helps to have a faster recovery”. Something to take into account is that the results can be seen from the first day; however the definite ones not before 3 months, the laser effects also stimulate the skin’s collagen generation which improves in great percentage the preexistent laxity, if any. Some painkillers are prescribed and it is advisable to wear an abdominal binder for 4 weeks. “If the quantity of the grease is exaggerated, the person could have lipolysis laser everywhere, otherwise only one session is sufficient”, and if the person gains weight again, the excess of grease will redistribute all over the body and not precisely in the problematic areas. The complications in this type of procedures are minimal when the patients follow the instructions appropriately.