It is the treatment to harmonize and in other cases to reduce the labia minora which in occasions have lost their esthetic and an adequate relation with the majora. The labia majora are also tensed with Laser and augmented with the patient’s own grease to rejuvenate them.

Genital Whitening:

With the use of two different Lasers: CO2 Fractional and Nd:YAG Q-Switched and special creams the whitening of the labia and perianal region is initialized.


With the help of topic anesthesia (cream) to avoid pain, the vaginal G Spot is located and from 1 to 2 cc of Hyaluronic Acid is applied and this makes the G Spot to be more exposed and helps it to improve the intensity of the intimate moments.


In cases of very advanced laxity of the pelvic base, the Gynecologist physician could perform a repair of it and so achieve a vaginal compaction in a surgical way in order to restart a full intimate life.

V-Beauty Fractional

An intelligent Intimate Rejuvenation:

  • With CO2 Fractional Laser.
  • Without anesthesia and painless.
  • Totally ambulatory.
  • 20-minute sessions.
  • Performed by an experimented GYNECOLOGIST physician.
  • Does not take you out of circulation.
  • An important improvement in the intimate laxity in each session.
  • Production of New Collagen Fibers.