Tattoos Removal

You do not like your tattoo anymore? … This is for you…

For those who regret or get tired of their tattoos, there is the possibility of removing them.

Before the appearance of laser, there were surgical methods that were very aggressive which consisted in cauterizing or ablating the tattooed zone and then adding a graft. However, the results were not totally satisfactory.

The laser allows us now to penetrate the skin and destroy the color particles; this way, the ink fragments and starts dissolving. To eliminate tattoos with this technique, there are necessary 4 to 6 sessions (sometimes more) with 4 weeks in between, so the procedure generally requires local anesthesia.

The results obtained will depend on the color, extension, location and tattoo’s pigments (in some cases the elimination is almost total, in others some remaining of color can be fixed and in the zones like the neck line or back there might appear important scars).

The most difficult colors to eliminate are reds and greens, and the easiest are the blacks and blues.

The green tattoos are very resistant because in the composition of the ink that is used there is titanium dioxide; a white pigment used in the elaboration of paints, lacquers, plastics and in the paper industry.

In the ink of the tattoos (which usually contains solvents, organic materials and diverse metals) this element is employed to give more brightness to the drawings; and in the green color inks, the titanium dioxide is present in a proportion of between 30% and 40%.