Melasma – Spots – Moles

Age spots, melisma (dark spots) and freckles, are all forms of pigmented lesions. The cause is the excessive production of melanin either due to a solar, environmental or hormonal stimulus or the combination of all. The stimulated cells are called melanocytes which are the producers of melanin. Most of us have a pigmented lesion somewhere over our body.

Even when these spots and freckles are not a medical urgency, many patients would like to get rid of them. Fortunately our system Laser Q-Yag 532 allows us to remove these lesions in a quick, safe and effective way.

The energy of the Laser is taken in pulses through a device that is held very closely to the skin. With each laser pulse you will feel a slight burn but very tolerable. If required, in some cases it is possible to use cream or local anesthesia to mitigate the pain as well as to use ice to decrease it even more. The spots are removed in a quick and precise way without bleeding and thus obtaining excellent results.

The success will depend on the care we have to protect us from the Sun. The use of sun block (FPS from 30 and up) and vitamin C in topic gel after the treatment with discipline will guarantee us good definite results.

Don’t you want a more beautiful skin and free of spots?