Permanent depilation (diode)

The laser, to eliminate the hair, acts as follows: the hair contains melanin, which is what give its color. When the beam of light, with a determined wavelength and intensity, interacts with the hair, the light energy applied is absorbed by the melanin transforming itself into heat. This is what is known as selective photothermolysis, producing the destruction of the hair root without affecting the adjacent tissues. Since the laser only acts over the dark zones due to melanin, it is not effective for white or very clear hair.

There are different types of laser used for depilation, depending on the wavelength in which they are emitted they will act better over one type of hair or other.

In Cderma we have used two types of Laser for more than 15 years:

  • Diode Laser, with a wavelength of 810 nm, it is used for dark skins and dark hair.
  • Neodimio-Yag Laser, with a wavelength of 1064 nm, it can be used in all type of skins, being very effective treatment but slower.

Therefore, the diode laser is fundamentally characterized for having a wavelength longer that the other available options in the market (88 nm against the 755 nm of Alejandrita laser, for example), so this makes it possible for this laser to penetrate a little more in the skin, which makes it especially indicated for darker skins or for thicker and deeper hair. It may also work for clearer skins as long as the hair is thick or medium.

Concretely, the diode laser is especially recommended for great extension body parts, like the back or chest. Therefore, it is a type of laser especially recommended for men. If you want to get rid of that horrible chest and back hair, the diode laser is made for you!

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  • By having a greater wavelength, it penetrates the skin better which makes it especially recommendable for people with dark skin and thick hair.
  • This greater wavelength provides a deeper and safer penetration in the skin.
  • People with brown or black hair are the most benefited with this type of laser.
  • It is especially indicated for body areas of great extension, which allows a safe and painless treatment.