Ultrasonic Cavitator – Liposculpture without scalp

The liposculpture without scalp or the ultrasonic cavitator uses the fusion of the ultrasound, radiofrequency to break the cellular membrane of the adipocytes or grease cells and so the outcome of grease emulsion is easily extracted and carried through the lymphatic drainage to the kidneys and intestine for its excretion. This leads to a reduction in sizes and the appearance of the cellulites, and you can notice the change since the first session.

Historically there has been a technological development focused on the decrease of cellulites and to decrease sizes without surgery. In the current times we started with Endermologie or Vacuum therapy with good results in all the continents but with limited ones and the benefit did not long. We then continued with the Vela-Smooth which added infrared light to the Vacuum therapy and improved the previous results with Endermologie.

Nowadays, we have taken a higher leap with the Cavitation which we actually combine in our clinic: Ultrasound, Tripolar Radiofrequency, infrared light and Vacuum therapy, all in one device of advanced technology, offering even better results and also by adding the experience of more than 12 years from our therapists.

Do not get mislead, not all Cavitation or Radiofrequency is the same in all places that offer them, and they are not the same standards.

If you want to improve your cellulites, cutaneous laxity and decrease sizes in an important way and without pain, make an appointment with us and you will see the difference.