With the pass of the years our face and neck skin apart from losing its elasticity and juvenile texture starts having the undoubtable prints of the pass of time: The wrinkles.

Our eyes are the mirror of the soul, as constantly said, but are also the time sponge. There is where all our years and accumulated tiredness end, and it is the first we would like to recover: the freshness and youth in our look. We offer this here.

What happens with our skin as we age? The collagen fibers web becomes more flaccid, the production of these by the fibroblasts diminishes in great proportion and the water retention capacity (hydration) diminishes importantly, therefore we will obtain a thin skin, likely to wrinkle and dehydrate.

Nowadays there is a nonsurgical and noninvasive treatment which offers to strengthen (compact) the skin around the eyes, cheeks and neck, as well as to erase wrinkles and obtain an enviable skin texture, without leaving you out of circulation with a really innovative system.

What does it consist of?

We count with breakthrough technology which effectively fuses Diode Laser, bipolar Radiofrequency, infrared light and intense pulse light. The only objective of this fusion is to increase the effect of compacting the skin and that your skin benefits the most.

4 sessions are necessary separated by a week, fifteen days or even a month depending on each patient.

The sensation is of heat and tingling. In no moment it can be defined as painful.