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Vaginal Tightening Laser


Major enjoyment.


Without surgery.

Without pain.

V-Beauty Fractional / Vaginal Tightening Laser

V-Beauty Fractional is an innovative and scientific proven technique which produces a compaction of the vaginal walls for different purposes. It is very common to hear women complain that after birth delivery or with the pass of the years, there is a laxity in their intimate area not only in the external area but also in the internal one. Consequently, this produces a decrease of sexual pleasure and in most advanced cases it can lead to Urinary Incontinence. The V-Beauty Fractional Laser returns youth to those tissues producing a progressive compaction in every session. The intelligent and fractional CO2 Laser energy discharge, generates a big quantity of new Collagen Fibers and their closing or compaction, improving in this way the elasticity and laxity of the vaginal walls.

Intimate Female Laser Rejuvenation

Who are the candidates for this treatment?

All those women who feel a major Compliance in their vaginal walls after the traumatism of birth delivery or who suffer from it due to the pass of time. Also those patients who suffer from urinary incontinence from slight to moderate, this is, that any major effort, including laughter could produce small quantities of urine outflows.

Who performs this treatment?

The assessment and treatment will be performed by Dr. Luis Sordia Hernández. Physician Specialist in Gynecology and Fertility.

The day of assessments are Friday afternoons.

How is this treatment performed?

The most external vaginal channel is anesthetized with topic anesthesia (cream) 5 minutes prior to the treatment, and the tightening is performed literally WITHOUT PAIN. The Gynecologist physician performs an asepsis before starting. It is performed with the use of a special speculum so the energy of the CO2 Fractional Laser be freed in 360 degrees and gradually in and out. This procedure takes 20 minutes and DOES NOT TAKE YOU OUT OF CIRCULATION at any time, you arrive walking and leave walking.

How many sessions are recommended?

For the tightening it is recommended to have from 3 to 4 sessions having 4 weeks in between, but there are patients that choose annual or semiannual posterior maintenance sessions.