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Cosmetic Phlebology Clinic

In Cderma we have handled the Cosmetic Dermatology and the Esthetic Plastic Surgery for more than 15 years. In the field of Phlebology, among all our treatments, we have successfully attended variculas and vascular spiders for more than 10 years with different Laser Technologies and Sclerotherapy.

In this 2015 we have started a new stage with the physical change of Facilities to San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo Leon, where our center has grown a lot in all senses to offer you an even better service and in this sense we have the joy to associate with excellent Certified Argentinian physicians and with a formal training in Angiology, Cosmetic Lymphedema Phlebology, Dr.  Alejandro Fabiani and Dr. Gabriela Cassange, both with a wide and considerable experience in the fields of Angiology, Lymphology (Lymphedema) and cosmetic Phlebology.


What pertains us in our Center is the attention to the COSMETIC PHLEBOLOGY, we have named it VARICLEAR Integral Clinic for Cosmetic Phlebology with the objective of having professionals from this field assisting you with your VARICES problem and allowing you to have LEGS FREE FROM VARICES.

What do we handle in the Cosmetic Phlebology?


Varices or varicose veins are swollen veins due to an abnormal accumulation of blood produced by a weakness, often inherited, in the superficial vein walls. This weakness make the veins to stretch and to expand, so the blood easily accumulates when a person remains standing for a long time. This process is usually present in the veins of the legs and women are more likely to suffer from it.


Eighty percent of the general adult population suffer from variculas or also known as “skin spiders” and this phenomenon affects women 4 times more than men. These “spiders” are observed with a higher frequency in women between 14 and 48 years old with a prevalence of 50 percent.

The variculas are prone to hereditary factors, sedentary behaviors (remaining standing or seated for long periods), use of contraceptives, hormonal problems, pregnancy, liver affectations and obesity. There are also situations that make them to aggravate such as smoking, lack of exercise or gain of weight.

They are small varices that appear as dilated veins of a brilliant red to a wine red or blue, in bursts and forming something similar to spider webs. This is why they are known as “spiders”. Around 20 percent, this is, 2 out of 10 women with variculas, end up having big varices and sometimes hidden ones.

The variculas are commonly present in the legs and thighs; however, they can also appear in the face –around the nose, cheeks or eyelids- as well as in the anterior thorax or in the “v” neck.



Among the main causes in the appearance of varices three outstand. In the first place, and it is about primary varices, are the congenitally defective valves. The valves are responsible for making the blood circulate to the heart, therefore if they do not function properly, the blood accumulates in the vein causing it to swollen.


The thrombophlebitis produces the same effect. In this case, they are thrombi, or what is the same, clots, which difficult the circulation. This situation can appear, for example, after long periods of rest in bed. And finally, the third cause, which is the most probable for the appearance of varices, is pregnancy. Luckily, the varices that appear during the gestation period are secondary and tend to disappear between 2 and 3 weeks after delivery.



Phlebo-sclerosing Treatment

It is reserved for the treatment of spiders or telangiectasia and consists of injecting a chemical substance which irritates the walls of those small veins until they achieve their closure. Since it is an exclusively esthetic treatment, a medication which does not present adverse effects nor leaves permanent cutaneous spots is used. It is performed in the doctor’s office, once a week, and takes approximately 15 minutes and then the patient can continue with the normal activities. Depending on the quantity of the spiders to treat, most of the patients end the treatment after 6 or 8 weeks.


Transdermal Laser Nd:YAG long and short pulses

It is also used to treat spiders or telangiectasia, in those patients in which the magnitude of presentation will require an excessive number of phlebo-sclerosing sessions or in those who for some reason do not tolerate them. Normally, 3 sessions are needed with an interval of 3 weeks in between. In some occasions it is necessary to complement it with the previous one.

Commonly the Nd:YAG 532 or 1064 of Long pulses are used.


Esthetic Micro surgery of Varices

It is used to treat dilated veins which due to their size cannot be sclerified. It consists in their extraction through incisions, which due to their small size, do not need to be stitched so they do not leave any scar. It is performed in the Operating room, under local anesthesia and the patient can go back home 2 hours later. After a 36 rest patients can begin with their normal activities.


Endoluminal Laser

If it is true that it is not advisable to remove the saphenous veins by routine, there are cases in which it is necessary its treatment due to their insufficiency and dilation degree. For this we count with the endoluminal laser which consists in the closure of the vein from the inside using thermic laser energy, avoiding in this way the re-sectioning and therefore hematomas (bruises) and post operatory pain. It is performed in the operatory room, with local anesthesia and in sensitive patients we also administer sedation. The patient returns home the same day. Just as in the micro surgery, the esthetic result is optimal with a quick return to normal activities.


In CDERMA we count with specialist physicians in Cosmetic Phlebology for your safety and of course for the major efficiency in your treatments.

Live a life without VARICES in your legs and come with the specialists.

VARICLEAR- Integral Clinic for Cosmetic Phlebology.